Monday, March 30, 2009

Hi. My name is Stu. And I'm a Singer.

I sing.  I'll admit it.  I own it.  I sing.  My parents always called me the singing bush growing up, after the awesome piece of musical shrubbery from The Three Amigos.  After a while, my singing became excessive.  I'd sing in school, at work, in my sleep (you think I'm being sarcastic, but that is, in fact complete truth).  Singing became more important than eating, spending time with my family, doing homework.   I would sneak out at night to sing, and blame my hoarse throat the next morning on laryngitis.   I almost lost everything to singing because I habitually started to sing once while swimming laps on swim team.  That's when I realized I had a serious problem.   We all have our issues, you know?  

I'm pleased to report that I've taken steps to recover. I joined a support group for people with similar issues.  We've now gone through our 12 step program and are making remarkable progress.  We've learned to channel our compulsive musical behaviors into positive structured environments like "concerts."  The pleasure of your company is requested as we celebrate the progress we have all made.  Thank you so much for your support.  Your positive examples make our recovery possible.


April 10, 2009 at 7:00 pm

Tahitian Noni Office Building
333 West River Park Drive, Provo

How Much:
$3 Prepaid email or call (801)422-6645
$5 at the door
or $6 if you say you're with Stu

-Samuel Johnson


Bravone said...

Stu, I will keep you in my prayers as you continue your recovery process from this most distressing addiction.

Ryan said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!!! Stu! Kudos to you for making such remarkable progress! :D

Steve and Audrey said...

Stuart! We're so sad we couldn't make it! But yay for for you--we'll definitely have to get a CD from you! And yay for having a blog. We've been entertained reading your posts. To say the least. :)